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I got tagged by the lovely :iconfeniiku:! <3 Thanks dear! 
So the object is to write ten facts about your oc's! I will be writing facts for 5 of my characters! 
In turn I tag anyone who reads this and would like to do it! <3 It's super fun! 
So here goes, Ideya's 10 facts for 5 OC's!!

Dria: Legend of Zelda OC
1 ~Dria was actually based on a jester costume I own IRL. It has the same color scheme, but it was changed design wise to be my lovely little Zelda jester.
2 ~She actually gets married to the jester that taught her. 
3 ~Dria. loves. pie. She will eat her weight in pie, that's why she's so curvy. The only thing saving her figure is the fact that she does acrobatics to entertain people.
4 ~Dria is so terrified of ghosts and the undead, she will actually faint on the spot when seeing one. This actually happened her in a Zelda RP, when a bubble jumped out at her. 
5 ~Dria is a huge flirt. She is utterly shameless with her flirting, and loves getting people flustered. She will bother all of the single guards all of the time just to get on their nerves. She will hit on anyone just to make them flustered.
6 ~Dria, before the events of OoT, "accidentally" fell into Ganondorf's lap when he was visiting the King of Hyrule. It did not end well. In fact, I think Dria stayed away from the Gerudo king a while after that.
7 ~She has a girl crush on Impa. She thinks Impa is just amazing and respects her (even though she thinks Impa should lighten up.) 
8 ~Dria is really lazy when she wants to be. Sometimes she will skip out on court gatherings to go sleep behind a curtain or in the servants quarters. 
9 ~Dria has tripped down stairs on more than one occasion. This is usually because she's not paying attention to what she is doing... usually while eating and walking. 
10 ~She has a pouch of nothing but fun smoke and confetti. This is thrown often and tends to annoy people. 

Artie: Engelbaum Gen
1 ~ Artie does not wear pants, ever. She will wear shorts but refuses to wear pants.
2 ~ Artie has a huge sweet tooth, and will sometimes nibble on straight sugar cubes. She gets along well with pink realm gens because of this.
3 ~ She really adores the aesthetic of the Jade realm. A lot of her fashion and inspiration comes from the Jade gens.
4 ~ Her tone comes out as fairy dust, and when it is at max power form fairy dust wings. I still need to draw this!
5 ~ Artie lives in a giant half tree half house. It's like a building that is melding with the wood of the tree. It also has many floors with rooms of incredibly different size.
6 ~ Artie hand writes all of her books about her travels and friends. She organizes each book by color and number. 
7 ~ Sometimes Artie likes to run around in her birthday suit. She feels that natural is best sometimes and believes the physical body is something to be appreciated and respected. 
8 ~ Artie is somehow very organized for being so easily distracted. Though this is organized chaos to most. The only tidy things seem to be the shelves of baubles and books she has that have not been touched.
9 ~ Artie loves to climb trees for some reason. She will sleep in the branches of her home realm tree when she can.
10 ~ Artie's color is actually very sentimental to me, despite me not being a heavy drinker. Moulin Rouge was a huge inspiration for me for most of my life, and I feel like Absinthe accurately represents the love I have for the movie and what it represents to me as an artist. 

Nightbreeze: NiGHTS OC
1 ~ Breezie was named according to the old NiGHTS fandom way of naming characters. Back in the day, people used to name their OC's in a very hippy like manner. So I followed that when I first got into the fandom.
2 ~ Breezie is one of my oldest maren I have. She is only surpassed by my elemental maren. 
3 ~ Breezie used to be one of the biggest mary sues I ever had! When I first got online, I misunderstood the term mary sue. I thought it was supposed to be a GOOD thing!
4 ~ She is supposed to be based around white ideya. I mostly played on the idea that even characters on the "bad" side could vary, without being straight bad themselves.
5 ~ Breezie really loves nightopians and young dreamers. She is drawn to them and their innocence and sweetness. She likes gentle beings and is most comforted by them.
6 ~ When I was younger she was paired with NiGHTS! XD Now if anything, she was just enjoy his company and nothing more. 
7 ~ She is based around butterflies in her manner and grace.
8 ~ She is very soft spoken without being shy. She just never raises her voice. This is mostly because I picture her to be very gentle without being a total push over.
9 ~ Breezie is actually easily frightened by bossmaren, but tends to be more compassionate to those she feels are evil (even if she's scared of them, too.)
10 ~ Breezie is actually paired up with a storm based maren I never got around to drawing, named Cyclone. This actually came from a dream of mine, so I made it canon for my fan works, haha!

Nareya: Mortal Kombat OC
1 ~ Nareya actually was designed to be a villain that was more neutral in nature. This didn't fit her in concept, so it was changed to her being pure neutral.
2 ~ Nareya always looks very grumpy, but it's actually because that is her natural expression coupled with the fact that she never uses facial expressions (she really doesn't know how to make certain faces.)
3 ~ She was originally an original character, but she was going no where. So I scrapped her old design, took pieces of it, and made Nareya!
4 ~ The only time she hugged her mom was when her mother gave her the necklace she wears. This was actually the last time she ever saw her mother alive.
5 ~ Before she was cursed, Nareya had dark brown hair and tanned skin.
6 ~ Nareya would be about 30-something in human years.
7 ~ Despite the gem in her palm eating most of her magic, Nareya can still do a little bit of magic. 
8 ~ Nareya's magic always looks red. 
9 ~ Nareya never takes her necklace off. EVER.
10 ~ Nareya is neutral because she thinks the sides of good and evil are both idiots. She believes the evil characters are ruining the balance of the realms, and that the good characters fight blindly for a concept of right that they barely understand. 

Hermae and Unetti: Homestuck OC's (Yes, they must always be together)
1 ~ These two were originally supposed to be placed up for adoption. That's why their symbols are the standard planet symbols. But I ended up wondering what it'd be like if they were a couple, and next thing I knew I couldn't bare to get rid of them.
2 ~ Both of them would be around 21/24 is human years.
3 ~ Because they come before a time before the Homestuck verse, Unetti's lusus is actually a giant pearl oyster mixed with a sea anemone. Hermae's is a giant angler fish.
4 ~ If they ever played sgrub, their lands would be The Land of Depths and Glare (Hermae) and The Land of Knots and Highness (Unetti).
5 ~ Unetti actually knots and knits, and makes her own fishnets. She doesn't believe in using weapons, because weapons are for peasant-bloods.
6 ~ Hermae's room is full of glowy cute things. This is because it reminds her of her lusus's glowy light, and it is very comforting for her.
7 ~ Unetti is convinced she can do whatever she wants because she is royalty. This is not true, but Hermae is there to make sure no one get's in her way.
8 ~ Hermae loves to sink ships. Especially of those younger than she is. It's a fun past time for her.
9 ~ Not only are they matesprits, but their ancestors were also matesprits (in this sense, ancestors being the trolls that had their signs before passing away and eventually leading to the two being born.)
10 ~ Hermae has a black romance with a cannibalistic purple blooded land troll. 


Vive la vie bohème!!
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Sooo anyone up for a contest by me next year? I'm thinking one of my OC's based? (With art and point prizes) 

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2 deviants said I would join.
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No deviants said I would join one if the prizes were more than art/points.
No deviants said I would join if it was a contest about something other than your characters.
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